What does Ленинград mean?

I watched “Everything is Illuminated” yesterday as it was a holiday here, I was home all day, and I heard part of an interview with Eugene Hutz a few days ago. Since it was a boring day I kept the credits on and downloaded some of the bands from the soundtrack…One of them is Ленинград…I don’t know what that means. Other bands are “Leningrad”, “Csokolom” annd “Kocani Orkestar”. I see Tin Hat Trio got a song on the soundtrack as well. Haven’t listened to them in a long while…
I’m enjoying all of it. Music is always more interesting when you have no idea what the singer is saying.

In the Hutz interview he said the Gypsy word for tomorrow and yesterday is the same. Is there a gypsy language, or was he just talking about a local language somewhere in eastern Europe?

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