For the myriad of Puts Marie fans…

I’m sure this interests almost nooone…but this is 2/5 of the greatest swiss band ever!!! Ha….If you don’t know the band then you probably don’t want to bother…if you do know the band you don’t want to bother…it’s just a moment in time!

well, I don’t throw around the word superstar THAT often….

and on that note….it’s time for a Crazy Chong update…This will only be relevant for the frankfurt people. But I was sent this (err….thank you facebook!).

Ok, so I don’t know where that one above came from…The one below is the real Chong…my favourite street performer in Frankfurt (make sure you watch all of it!!! Until he solos at least)….This was across the river from where I lived…You can see the Döm in the beginning….
Ah…I miss Frankfurt!!!!

Etta James – I’d rather go Blind


It seems the weather has turned (as expected and predicted – well done meteorologists!!!). It’s bloody cold driving to work on the Vespa…I chuckle sometimes because I see Italians driving in their cars wearing their scarves and fur lined hoods WHILST DRIVING IN THEIR CARS!!! You’re all 4 year old girls…Maybe I’m just jealous, but driving a Vespa with an open faced helmet ratty gloves and missing fingers is way more manly!
(This is what I tell myself while I’m losing feeling in my hands on the way to work!).

So I’m recommending music to a chinese friend and I love it cuz she’s like a clean slate. She doesn’t know any of the bands or even styles that I’m rattling off. I’m deciding to post some here….

Reverend Deadeye

That’s a wok-lid resonator guitar. Where can I buy one of those 😉
This guy was in “The Folk Singer” briefly. I see there’s the muddy roots festival in Belgium this summer…with some bands I know…am pondering…

it was a cracking week!

Not sure why, but this was great! If anything I guess it’s because I’m sleeping well. Finally settled into the new place, and loving it!

The weather here has been fantastic (in the daytime and only if you’re standing in the sun). It was in the high teens a couple days, but cold at night.

Got tix for the Gogol Bordello show in Florence next month 😀
Also have a ticket for Todd Snider in London in February (still right Matt? – don’t give it away). Just gotta figure out what to do for x-mas…Probably skip town as it’s the worst time of the year to be home alone – ha! Don’t need to repeat last year 😉

Gogol Bordello is just fun, but Todd Snider is one of the greatest songwriters I know of…20 years of putting em out…just cuz they rhyme 😉

Slim Cessnas Auto Club

A couple friends saw this band in Frankfurt a couple weeks ago and they both said they thought it was my kind of band…Turns out they were right. I got some of their stuff and am really liking it…Unfortunately a lot of the live clips from youtube don’t have good sound, but to give you a taste…

C.J. Ramone

Went to CJ Ramone show (with Daniel Rey – sometimes Ramones Producer/writer) last night. T’was pretty cool! Was never a huge Ramones fan, but they did have some good tunes. Good to hit a punk show once in a while. The Venue was pretty nice. Put on by Skaletta, but it wasn’t actually at Skaletta. Nice sound, nice room…The name of the place??? I have no idea…

This I think is a Dylan tune?

the amazing…the legendary…Laurel Aitken

I downloaded some Laurel Aitken this weekend. I haven’t listened to him in maybe 10 years. I’m quite enjoying it…old times!

Video here isn’t that great, but sounds good…I think he’s about 75 years old at this show…amazing!!!

hey…it’s that guy from the blue lagoon…

Laura Marling is amazing…Just found this song a couple days ago.

I may have posted the one below a few months back, but it’s a great song!

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