Tomi is an ass!!!

The weather today was really nice!!!

I went bowling this week…Here’s some pics:

I can hardly wait to see how many comments this generates…

Hey, I’ve got an idea…
You went from once a month, to twice a month, to now 4 time a year…I guess nothing has happened in the past 3 months. 🙂

On Scrabble…

Matt Westwood: “i think u need a u with any other letter than an i with a q”

Back from the UK.

I am alive!

No problems in England. I arrived at Luton on Thursday. Figured out the busses. Figured out my hotel. Figured out where the nearest pub was, and then eventually went to sleep.

Friday had to meet Matt at Heathrow and my feet were killing me so I wasn’t very motivated for sightseeing. Instead I just went to the airport about 7 hours early 🙂 With 5 terminals to choose from I just kind of wandered a bit, and people watched. Wasn’t as bad as it sounds.
We got the car and aside from the surreal panic that comes from a yank sitting in a right hand drive car in a left hand road country (every time a car comes the other way around a corner I wanted to shriek something like “it’s in our lane…we’re going to die”). Luckily I was able to internalize.
The place of the wedding reception was this very quaint little (big) country estate about an hour from London, so we had rooms out there.
It was my first visit outside of London and it was quite different as you would expect. The people were a little weird-ish…I’m not sure if I can describe it better than that, and I’m not sure the stories are worth telling. Just…weird-ish…

Anyways hung out with Rob and his wedding party on Friday night. Then went to the wedding on Saturday then went to the reception…was called a pimp, a playa, and a bunch of other things that made me giggle…Met a dude from Basingstoke (where my grandparents were from). He looked like Gary Busey. Had some laughs…good party, good people. Nice wedding. Great weekend!

what was that???

So I was joined by Jeff, Matt and Berger this weekend. It was fantastic. Mostly I enjoyed the witty banter…most of which I can’t remember and even if I did I’m not sure I could print it here 🙂

Saturday we stuck close to home and hit a few places around here.
on Sunday we went to Cinque Terra and hung out on the beach for a few hours. Came back and had Mexican food, then went and closed the Irish and then went to the beach until about 5am…that was a great idea. Who came up with that? Since I slept on the floor the night before I was beat and am really surprised we lasted as long as we did 🙂
At the Beach from 3am we found some chairs and a floaty rubber thing that people had left behind. the guys all went swimming while I hung out. It was a great night!

the original plan was to leave my place by 9am to go see the tower in Pisa…ummmmm…Since we were up so late this plan didn’t quite happen. I took the guys to the train station here and got a text that they were going to take a cab to the tower. Get out for some quick pics and then cab it back to the airport…if I had known I would have joined 🙂

Had today off and I wisely took tomorrow off as well.

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