what was that???

So I was joined by Jeff, Matt and Berger this weekend. It was fantastic. Mostly I enjoyed the witty banter…most of which I can’t remember and even if I did I’m not sure I could print it here 🙂

Saturday we stuck close to home and hit a few places around here.
on Sunday we went to Cinque Terra and hung out on the beach for a few hours. Came back and had Mexican food, then went and closed the Irish and then went to the beach until about 5am…that was a great idea. Who came up with that? Since I slept on the floor the night before I was beat and am really surprised we lasted as long as we did 🙂
At the Beach from 3am we found some chairs and a floaty rubber thing that people had left behind. the guys all went swimming while I hung out. It was a great night!

the original plan was to leave my place by 9am to go see the tower in Pisa…ummmmm…Since we were up so late this plan didn’t quite happen. I took the guys to the train station here and got a text that they were going to take a cab to the tower. Get out for some quick pics and then cab it back to the airport…if I had known I would have joined 🙂

Had today off and I wisely took tomorrow off as well.

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