I’m watching italian x-factor…

They are bleeping words…how am I supposed to learn the important words if they keep bleeping – bleeping them…Matteo???
I need to watch more italian TV. I remember when I moved to Germany I was surprised at all the bad TV shows that were on and dubbed into Deutsch. The only show bad american show I’ve seen on Italian TV so far is Walker Texas Ranger. Though I guess Chuck Norris is big here (as well he should be) because I also once saw a made for TV western that had Chuck in it as well…

Now listening to the Avett Brothers. Pop-bluegrass…that’s a new genre right? It’s not bad.

Charlie Norris

After the driest warmest April ever it’s now the rainiest May ever (ok I made that up – however I do have to point out that Germans didn’t invent weather, but they did invent complaining about the weather). I took a walk in the rain today and it was nice. Kind of felt like Oregon for a minute. I love sitting outside in the cold and/or rain with coffee, but I think this must be a strange thing to the Germans. As I was sitting outside at Starbucks at like 19:00 the dude came out to lock out the outdoor tables…what’s that about? I wasn’t ready to leave yet.
I had to come home and sit on my balcony instead….Tai Chi people are still at it.

Also took out a trainfull of bratty kids with a single roundhaus to their collective heads….It was like Chuck Norris was in the haus….
(Chuck Norris is the only known man to be able to survive huffing a cheetah at birth, as well as being the only entity to survive huffing a cheetah laced with cracked corn (except possibly Mr. T, but there is no documentation on Mr. T’s use of kittens or cracked corn.)

In 1968, Chuck fought and won the World Professional Middleweight Karate championships by defeating the World’s Top Fighters, which included Batman, Superman, Butt Knocker, TMNT, Big Boss, Tintin, Popeye, Bruce Wayne, Shaq, Aaron Carter, Stalin, all of G-Unit, Tupac Shakur, George Bush, Mr. T, all of New York City, Gerald Ford, Godzilla, and even his shadow form

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