use your hands harder!!!

There was a French couple at the Focacceria tonight…Their Italian was a bit better than mine, but not by much. I guess they have an unfair advantage over me tho…cuz they’re French…one of those surreal moments where you come across something for the very first time. I like those moments…
Anyways the woman had hand talking down and I must respect her for that. I often order stuff by pointing and grunting. It has worked so far as I seem not to be starving…

Matt is in love with the “male form”…that once a day thing is going to be a mistake soon…but I’m glad you have principles… 🙂

What is the plural of seamus?

Was Ireland in fact formed when two Seamus’ were in the same place at the same time? I believe that if that ever happened outside of Ireland that a black hole would be formed…

O-I-N-K sorry cuz. I’m not fond of myspace. Try email…

This just in…real men wear Periwinkle….

way to quit France…

If I’m brain dead or something can they split my organs in two and use them for two midgets instead of one tallish person?

I guess I should give my impressions of france…
all stereotypes seem wrong and it makes me angry….

people bathe.
not everyone was smoking.
there were no junky poets by the river
there were americans
people spoke english to me
the food was pretty, yet delicious.
there is free garbage service for everyone…
the prices were not fixed as I was expecting for a communist country. those capitalist swine insisted on charging me 6€ for a canned Bulmers….
I saw no mimes

Marcel Marceau is dead…I didn’t even know he was sick….I didn’t even know he was alive…I’ve never heard of Marcel Marceau…

my mom says I have high cheekbones…

a young Bob Hope

Saw an old guy crossing the tracks today and I thought….gawd…it’s a young bob hope…then I had to wonder what I meant by that….at what age did bob hope become old? At what age could he still get  his same old punchlines out about half the time….
this isn’t funny…i bet noone in germany even knows who bob hope is….
oh yeah…there’s nothing funny on this page…dammit!!!!!

Off to bordeaux tomorrow…no email til Sunday….I can talk all the crap I want about the French right…they won’t fight back….


OK…so am in Poland now…Not quite sure what to make of it yet….
landed at the airport after some 11 year old girl on the plane sitting next to me felt the need to tap my arm and insist that I turn off the MP3 player during takeoff….she said something in Polish and I said “English” and she said “sorry…would you mind turning that off please” I was trying to nap at the time so I turned it off cuz I didn’t want a half grown woman to be crying on the airplane…so I went back to sleeping, then five minutes later she said “I think it’s OK to turn it back on now”. Geeezzzz…..a real stickler for the rules…Actually I didn’t mind…even though the MP3 player had no wireless/Bluetooth/PCMCIA/G3 capabilities she probably saved 93 lives today….Thanks!!!!

anyways….land at the Gdansk airport and have to take a bus to the oh so impressive Terminal at the Gdansk airport…Honestly it’s about twice the size of the Salem Airport Terminal…Which basically is big enough to hold 3 chairs and 2 car rental agencies and toilets….and a hallway….anyways it was small and the luggage claim area had ONE BAGGAGE CAROUSEL…..Which was immediately past the passport control where the chick had to say “what is your purpose” 3 times before I finally understood her…the glass was kind of getting in the way from me hearing…I had to put my ear up to the hole before I could hear her….I said “business trip” and then she took an even closer look at my passport and had to check EVERY SINGLE PAGE of it before she finally let me in. Who knew the Poles were so picky….Also the Polish stewardesses can’t really speak english…I think I got every 4th word….Not that I blame them….I should speak Polish…It was a Polish airline after all….
remember in the states how the “euro trash” (that’s slang for non-native americans since we’re all just non-natives anyways) complains about the Mexicans not speaking english….I never complained about it…we stole half of Mexico anyways….jerks….

Then a car ride to the Finest Hotel in Poland…I’m glad they put us up in this posh place where we can really  experience “Polish culture”….we drive through areas of nothing but graffiti and decrepit brick buildings and come to this Grand Hotel on the beach with a live Piano player in the bar….Yeah I’m supposed to think this is the “real Poland”.

anyways….Colleagues pick us up for dinner….Sales guy joins us….
I love Sales guys….After about 10 minutes I realize I really really miss my life in Frankfurt….Dude is amusing really, but not quite amusing as sitting in my flat watching Lords of War or Alien.
No really the guys were OK, but not quite as OK as “home”….

I love my job….really…I’m so grateful to have the chance to travel and live in Germany.

One of the guys say “I finally get to meet someone from Nobeltec”. HA!!!! Nobeltec lives on….I’m so proud….

There was a book in the hotel of Gdansk (not sure of the language) …It’s actually quite nice…If only I had a coffee table to put it on….I’m not sure I’m going to get the time to shop or do anything extracurricular this week. which really sucks….

anyways….I really should buy a camera someday….My phone camera just doesn’t cut it and I’m dumb for not thinking of this last week.

I might take a bath for probably the second time this year….

Free Internet in the hotel….This place is really posh….

so in the end of “lord of war” there was a message (oh great…a movie with a message) it said something like
“the five biggest exporters of arms in the world are the US, UK, Russia, France and China…”
My comment was something along the lines of “Fucking French….”
yeah…I still think it’s funny….I occasionally act american just to confuse people…

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