Samsung, 3D printing and Ownership of the means of production…

I’m thoroughly impressed with Samsung of late. I’ve got an SIII and an ultrabook. This article below mostly mentions hardware and quality, but I’m very impressed with some of the proprietary software they have created (both on Android and Win8). Using the Samsung version of Android 4.1.1 is much better than the vanilla Android 4.1.1 (as used on my Lenovo tablet).

Go Samsung! I will be sticking with them as a brand for the near future…I’m not normally a “brand” kind of buyer, but they have changed my mind for the time being.


It seems that 3d printing has entered the mainstream. I keep seeing it mentioned on MSM sites and podcasts. That’s great!

I’ve known of it for a couple years and am not that interested in the actual printers. I’m more interested in the economic ripples caused by democratization and more and more cutting out of the middle man in sooooo many fields.


Silvia made this... is the awesomest!!!

The starting file

The starting file

SFBoat1 SFBoat2 SFBoat3

Pixlr is a photo editing website that’s pretty powerful. Only drawback is that it’s web based, so you need a decent and reliable connection. But it’s lots of fun and powerful…


Spoofed email addresses…

…are not cool when they mess with my life and happiness.

There you go kiddies. Just because you get an email that says it’s from a certain address it does NOT mean it actually comes from that address…

links and photos…

meet the new boss…

I heard on a podcast today that there is now software that analyses twitter feeds (and I suppose it does or will analyse all sorts of other human generated data) to get the mood of “the people” (consumer confidence) and then uses that information to make investments…from my understanding it just reads keywords (positive or negative) that aren’t even related to anything having to do with investment.

my friend lost his job.
I really hate the weather today.
I really like the new album/movie/tv show etc

That’s awesome!

I suppose it’s only a matter of time before there’s a mutual fund that is completely managed by software. Thus taking the irrationality out of markets and disemploying a bunch of wanker bankers…

I see a reality TV show here…

just some links.

Good read from wired:

…and one of my favourite economic sites:

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