Budapest, Hungary 2014

Great city! My second time. Love it! The weather, the food choices, the culture…good times.



Was in Brussels this weekend. Had a lovely time. Great city! It was raining and horribly humid most of the time, but I really liked it. First time there, so that’s another country down. T’was top of my list when I moved to europe, but never happened til now. I shall return…

It’s almost 8 years since I left the states. Still happy to be here!

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Lots of Murals and street art in town.

Lots of Murals and street art in town.

From one of the African restaurants. I don't know the name, but it's a root.

From one of the African restaurants. I don’t know the name, but it’s a root.

I believe that is an AMC Gremlin!

I believe that is an AMC Gremlin!

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This is some seriously fine whiskey! I've ordered 2 bottles.

This is some seriously fine whiskey! I’ve ordered 2 bottles.

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Seriously good food. Octopus, squid and chorizo!!!

Seriously good food. Octopus, squid and chorizo!!!

Spanish street vendor.

Spanish street vendor.

photo 2 photo 3

I see that I used the word seriously twice…That’s stupid, but it’s easier to write a disclaimer here than actually correct the error 🙂
and most importantly, thank you Laura!!!


home sweet home!

Made it back OK but for being unable to land in Florence. They took us to Bologna instead then gave us a free bus ride back to Florence. Two hours of my life I want back!
Nice to see the lights of the boats on the sea at night.


I’ll be in the states 2 April – 15 April. The main reason for going is to get a replacement drivers license. Ha! 605EUR for that.

Cinque Terra!

Went to Corniglia, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore (in that order) this weekend.

Good trip. Made the walk from Corniglia to Vernazza…bit of a rough trek, but we made it!

Merica 2012

So I went to New York, then Portland.

New York was great! I want to go back, but I’ll probably upgrade to a better room next time. I stayed in a closet in Chinatown that was filthy and crawling with cockroaches. No bathroom in the room and it still cost 65$ a night.

The highlight was walking over the Brooklyn bridge as the sun was coming up. This was a week before the storm and the weather was beautiful!!! New York as a city is great! One of the few places in the states I would be excited to live!

Oregon was OK. I saw a kid on a unicycle who was riding whilst checking his cell phone. That was cool!

One thing that kind of disturbed me was hearing the way some americans were talking about muslims. I’m no fan of religion, but to a lot of americans it seemed OK to treat the muslims as an “other”. Not human, not relevant, not like “us”.
I kept thinking of Hitler’s Germany speaking of the Jews, Roma etc. (I’m not throwing that around bombastically …I mean that literally).
Unfortunately, It also reminded me of some of the anti-immigrant/apartheid/segregation screeds in the states that are along the same lines…I am embarrassed by most of the stuff I heard…Lessons not learned and lessons forgotten.

…and on the US election I say small minded people breed small minded politics…
I’m disappointed the minor parties didn’t get more votes.
Proportional representation anyone???

hello new york!

how many Mister Joes can there be in Italy?

This week there was some paella and a trip to a street fest somewhere in Liguria…best description of the location I can come up with 🙂

Vinci is a town, not a last name!

Went to some kind of festival this weekend. It was in Vinci, but I’ve no idea if it was in honour of Leonardo or not…Anyways “da Vinci” just means of/from Vinci. So there you go english speakers just using da Vinci and thinking it’s his last name only serves to make you look stupid.

anal brits

I had the realization that the brits are as anal as the germans (I’m going to stereotype for the sake of something…).
Spent the last few days in London as the British Library in Colindale. They were so uptight about “rules”. Maybe I’ve been living in Italy too long (where there are no real “rules”).
The goal of the trip was to help Silvia do some research for her thesis. It was fun. I found my gift…it’s research 😉
Not exactly a marketable skill one can post on their c.v. but hey…why not?

More pics here:

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