well, I don’t throw around the word superstar THAT often….

and on that note….it’s time for a Crazy Chong update…This will only be relevant for the frankfurt people. But I was sent this (err….thank you facebook!).

Ok, so I don’t know where that one above came from…The one below is the real Chong…my favourite street performer in Frankfurt (make sure you watch all of it!!! Until he solos at least)….This was across the river from where I lived…You can see the Döm in the beginning….
Ah…I miss Frankfurt!!!!

Crazy Chong

Crazy Chong has his own promo…how can I not support Frankfurts finest…

Crazy Chong

currently attempting to fix my page and stuff…slow updated lately…

so as I’m reorganizing I am wondering about my favourite japanese street performer in ffm.
I don’t think I’ve seen him for a couple of months
this one is great…close to my flat and note that once he starts soloing he never goes back to the song…
we all know this song, yet I have no idea what he’s singing…
note the man in fishnets walking by from right to left about 30 seconds in and the old man in the blue shirt and hat who probably is muttering to himself…

this one’s harder…I don’t know what song this is.

why is my spell check all of the sudden in Deutsch….this won’t be good für mein page….

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