hey, two point OH!

@Eric! I was hanging out at the mailbox today pondering my lack of mail and then decided to look for names similar to mine on the other mailboxes. I was thinking maybe the mail person is illiterate…Turns out I found your letter in another box. The name on it was ABSOLUTELY nothing like mine, but hey…I noted one postbox with a bunch of junk mail in it. Took a closer look and there is your letter. I couldn’t fit my index finger in it, so I had to get some tweezers and do some minor surgery. I miraculously (I only use miraculously because MacGyver-Y isn’t really a word yet) retrieved the letter.

That letter box hadn’t been opened in a while I guess. Since the building is mostly used for vacation rentals there was noone home at that home (?). Otherwise I assume the rightful owner would have noted the poorly delivered letter and put it in my box…

anyways…I may have just admitted to a crime, but really Italy it’s your own damn fault. If you could deliver mail properly I wouldn’t have been forced into this life of crime. There are some other letters in the box, but I can’t tell if they’re intended for me or not…So I’ll just leave them until next summer when the owner of that flat comes for a visit.

…and thanks 2,0 😉

Those 3 day workweeks are killers!!!

Today went to what I think is the one music (instrument) store in town. In search of something exotic, but didn’t buy anything.

2,0 tells me he may be in Berlin this summer for something to do with school I assume. This means I’ll finally be getting to Berlin as well. Another item off the proverbial to do list.

See Matt…I could have gone on for several paragraphs and described my week in detail, but I spared you.

Monkey with cling shots

2,0: Have you ever heard of blah blah blah?
me: no
2,0: that’s cuz you’re an unsuperior being.
this was at pub quiz and even though 2,0 invented the word unsuperior we still managed to win…Our team name ,,Monkies with slingshots”…the team name the quizmistress heard ,,Monkey with cling shots”…which might be funny in it’s own right…didn’t matter. Winner!!!

email thread…
saffa: Not even God knows what Squires means sometimes!!!!!!
kat: ya, but he spoke aramaic.
me: lalalalalalaayayayayayayayalalalalalalalalalalalalalyyiiiiiiiaiiaiiayayyaya
kat: squires, you have to put the predicate in the latter part of the compound sentence. almost grammatical well formed though. well done! 😉
see, i have to read in order to speak it. 😉

I didn’t even know Quiet Riot was sick…

I just watched a you tube video of quiet riot…before my time…but I knew the song (metal health) from my uncle bob…every song I know from the 80’s I know from him….I remember having to go into his room when he had the record (huh..vinyl…) on full blast while he was taking a shower and having to turn the music off…the room was vibrating and stuff….ahhh…journey….loverboy….def lepard….bon jovi…even metallica….mention any of these names and i think of you bob….I only wish you had the hair… 😉

saddest thing about the video is that at one point I may have been tapping my toes to the music…”Metal health will drive you wild!!!”

there may be a pre pre party at minnesota lawyers tomorrow…the actual party is next weekend and I will be in France…

the Pre party is on Saturday….gluhwein makes people say strange things….

two gallants tickets purchased by 2,0…fingerpickin’ guitar….always makes me think of grandpa squires…

Since I’m now on family….rumour has it I’m 1/16 Indian (Native American) and 1/16 German.

I’m going to buy this shirt in honour of america…since my last sweatshirt magically disappeared…someone get me a sweatshirt for xmas…Large please since Medium doesn’t cover my sexy arse… 🙂

After Yesterdays entry i got another email asking about the england job…I just can’t even make it any clearer….when i say THE ENGLAND JOB…it’s the national coach of the football team….THEY AREN’T GOING TO HIRE ME AND I WAS NOT APPROACHED ABOUT THE JOB…. 😉

my deutsch teacher had a 5 minute conversation with me in English during the middle of Deutsch class…I will forgive him cuz he’s a pretty good teacher I think, but he has my address now…should I be scared….?

Squires 2,0

so from now on I want to be called Squires 1.0…Squires 2.0 might not be better, but he’s at least younger and speaks more Deutsch…that’s 2 bug fixes if I ever saw them…
So I have two twins now…one evil and one american…that makes me the middle twin or something…
Though Squires 2.0 did say I was his soulmate…Dude you’re from Denver…take it back!!!

I know I know…websites like this suck…

I guess I have a lot to write about this week and weekend, but it will just sound pathetic….like my original unedited Thursday entry 😉

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