snow day!!!

Not sure if I said this last night, but I’m taking today off…There’s a bit of snow but since I have lots of holidays I’m just gonna stay home and relax!

how many times a year can I use “storm of the century” before it starts losing it’s meaning?

There’s a big storm…daylight savings has made it dark (tho we did that over a week ago – before the states)…It’s supposed to rain all week…I’m going to throw a party!

Fall has sprung.

Can I complain about the cold while it’s still summer?

It’s rainy…it’s cold. I think the leaves have turned. I almost wore a coat today. It’s way chilly in the morning. I need to buy some gloves soon.

I’m almost done with the books I bought in Munich last June. I’m currently on a Nick Hornby book, and it’s the last…
Luckily I’ll be back in Munich in 8 days. I’m excited to hit the hugendubel and do a bit more shopping 🙂

Eatings verbs are cool…

See how clever I am. I turned “eating” into an adjective to describe thosehungry angry verbs. 😉

So today I was awoken by thunder. I was leaving as the rain arrived and it turned into the storm of the century (or thereabouts). By the time I got to work I was soaked. My clothes could not have possibly held any more water.
Like a lot of coastal towns there are drainage problems, so it was a looooong slow ride avoiding traffic and standing water. My favourite part was when a car coming the other direction hit a gigantic puddle and I wasn’t expecting it, but a massive wall of water hit me square in the face 🙂 It was awesome!

I was fully prepared to sit in wet clothes all day, but the Italians are so doting that someone made a phone call and brought me a change of clothes and shoes (despite my repeated objections – they just sort of ignore me now when I tell them I’m fine). I sat in someone elses shoes (but no socks) for most of the day.
My feet hurt.

You are boring???

That’s gotta be one of the most insulting questions one can be asked…I’m pretty sure there was a question mark at the end based on inflection. She was either giving me a chance to defend myself or she meant ”You are bored?”.
I guess it was a fair question. I really haven’t done anything since going to Rome in December. That was two and a half months ago. Fair question indeed. Just to prove I’m not boring I might change my theme again. 🙂
Strange though…This week I have a dinner party tomorrow night, a concert on Friday, and another dinner at the Mexican restaurant on Saturday (still searching for good mexican food in Europe). Holy crap…three nights in a row might make my head go bang.  I’ll have to pace my socialism-ness over 3 nights. Not sure I’m capable anymore. Bit out of practice.

At least Cory Feldman is still alive eh? Guess those reunion movies are out the window…I guess they could still do ”Stand by me 2…STAND HARDER!!!” (btw partially filmed in Lebanon Oregon).

Perplexed by the weather this week. People in the states think the weathermen are wrong, but here it’s even less accurate. Microclimate indeed 🙂
I just wanted to tag “weather” (Matt’s mom: what’s a tag?).
I just wanted to tag Matt’s mom 😉

I’m finding I’m a bit reckless on the Vespa. Hopefully I will figure out how to ride it before I crash it 😀
This is epitomized by the fact that I have to look for the rear brake everytime I need to stop. I haven’t really memorized where it is yet…

Booked to Frankfurt for March 30th-April 12th. Should have cleared it with the boss first, but RyanAir (me: you suck RyanAir!) only had one seat left at their stupidly ridiculous price.

gloves and cool!

Made it home and back via the Vespa. It was really cold this morning and I wasn’t properly dressed. I have some old cotton gloves with holes in 3 of the fingers and I just decided today that they don’t work very well. In my head the ride would take about 2 minutes, but with the weather it felt like 2 hours. Will hopefully remedy this by next winter…
Added to to do list…

Also made a note to self not to use slang from high school as not everyone will understand me…
“I’m just gonna chill at home tonight”.

oh…I forgot to water the plants

For me, watering the plants means pushing them out from under the covered part of the balcony to the uncovered part where the rain will fall on them.
I knew rain was forecast and usually when that’s the case I push them out. They get too much water and then go a couple weeks without water when I push them back under the covered part…
(I give that story a 0.0)

Had a flu for a couple days this week. I found out today that if you call in sick in Italy you’re supposed to go to the Dr. that day.
In DE you don’t need to go to the Dr until you’re going to miss your third day of work. This means I have to go to the Dr. after the fact and get a note. I’m still contemplating just using a vacation day because sitting at the Drs office for a couple hours doesn’t sound very fun.
(I give that story a 0.1)

It might snow in the next day or two.

Can’t say no to chicks with banjos…

you get on that horse, you gotta ride it!!!

So I’ve been thinking lately of the whole process of finding a new (to you) band and then attempting to describe that new band to like minded friends….As far as I can tell there are two schools of thought in describing a band…Either
A) Make up genre to describe the new band. i.e. “Hillbilly funk metal” (Primus) or “Preware calypso blues” (C.W. Stoneking).
B) Describe the influnces to make it sound like a perfect union of two completely unrelated bands. i.e.
They sound like the Reverend Horton Heat crossed with Wolfmother…

Now it’s entirely possible that you hate the Reverend Horton Heat and you hate Wolfmother, so you have to modify your description to meet your friends tastes (or suffer their confused looks), but it never ends up working correctly because the combos are usually unimaginable or unlikeable. Though the resulting band is probably better than the sum of it’s 2 parts (is this gestalt?)…

You can choose to take this to a further extreme…i.e.
Imagine if Hank Williams and Sublime had a baby, and at the same time the Pogues and Queens of the Stone Age had a baby and then the offspring of those two bands combined to have a baby…who had a crazy Nick Cave like uncle who influenced them as a child and then they grew up and….(you get the idea).

It still never ends up right and you just have to listen to a band to understand them…

So since neither of my formulas work you just have to take my word for it and listen to a band when I recommend them 😉

I better just go back to writing about midgets in wheelchairs…or the weather….or smoting….

…and so now the weather…It rains every night. I think it’s rained every day for about the past month. What kind of summer is this?

the triathlon is really hindering my ability to order pizza.

I guess the big triathlon is the european championship or something. I think if they put the swimming part at the end I would be much more inclined to be interested. If there was a chance that someone was going to cramp up and drown (or at least need a dramatic rescue) it would be more exciting.

It’s been very very hot and humid all week. Thunderstorms occur pretty much every day which cools things down for about 2 and half minutes, then it’s back to just being sticky again. This much humidity is not a good recipe for healthy sleeping.

It's raining in Italy.

The Italians also seem to be scared of the rain (like the Germans). Lightning abounds. I wonder if the smog will go away…

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