Eatings verbs are cool…

See how clever I am. I turned “eating” into an adjective to describe thosehungry angry verbs. 😉

So today I was awoken by thunder. I was leaving as the rain arrived and it turned into the storm of the century (or thereabouts). By the time I got to work I was soaked. My clothes could not have possibly held any more water.
Like a lot of coastal towns there are drainage problems, so it was a looooong slow ride avoiding traffic and standing water. My favourite part was when a car coming the other direction hit a gigantic puddle and I wasn’t expecting it, but a massive wall of water hit me square in the face 🙂 It was awesome!

I was fully prepared to sit in wet clothes all day, but the Italians are so doting that someone made a phone call and brought me a change of clothes and shoes (despite my repeated objections – they just sort of ignore me now when I tell them I’m fine). I sat in someone elses shoes (but no socks) for most of the day.
My feet hurt.

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