Phil on Frankfurt…

So this is Phil talking about Bergers party on Saturday…pretty much sums up those 6 hours 🙂

Phil: aaaand police action… some fireworks… lots of booze… silly bowling 69’s.. occasional bruising… getting stuck in an elevator for an hour.. slurred sing-alongs .. minor spillage.. apparently ‘italian’ designer wear.. lots of booty calls slash txts.. drippy kisses..emotional hugfests.. sneaking off for pizza.. stinky stolen shoes.. but no one got laid (well, officially). and forgive me for saying this but for the sake of documentation… k***blood.

I’m not sure if the italian designer wear was directed at me or not…I’d like to think so 😉


OK, so all the single dudes….

Ever meet some girl and you think you’re just telling random, stupid, slighty amusing story and at some point (usually on the 2nd of 3rd random, stupid, slightly amusing story) you realize the girl is looking at you like you have the greatest stories in the whole world with some kind of wicked twinkle in her eye, and an un-dissipating grin…and you suddenly realize your stories are really stupid 🙂
or possibly this chick likes you…

those are nice moments… 🙂
did I finish my point?
It’s really sort of intimidating/disconcerting/uncomfortable when those moments happen…
Oh YEAH…well just you wait…If you thought that story was good wait til I just keep talking and launch into my next stupid story. They should really not encourage that sort of rambly story-telling…Is it them or me?

Yes…I found my mojo in Frankfurt again. It seems to have stayed there. Maybe that’s why I like that city…

back from Deutschland…

didn’t take any pictures…I think that was a first. There were some good ones to be had.

Stayed at Bergers on Thursday, Matts on Friday and Saturday and Saffas on Sunday. Good times!

Frankfurt still feels comfortable, even though a lot of the old crowd are leaving.

I hate travel days!!! I need a shower.

This entry is amazing!!!

It’s 2007 again…

Due to circumstances beyond my control I was forced to peruse a friends blog from 2007…I stumbled on these pics from 2007 and they made me giggle a fair bit…
These are from Yours Irish back in the day…Judging by the content it had to be karaoke night. I assume the music was too loud so we had to write in order to communicate…2007 seems a lifetime ago (some of the best times of my life), but for your enjoyment:

oktoberfest…it’s like spring break for catholic Bavarians…

So it’s a bit after 1 PM on Monday and I made it home. Took longer than expected due to waiting 2 hours in Pisa for a train home…but it eventually came. I think the last time I took the night train from Munich I had the same problem…

uhhhh….I really need a shower 😉 I’m going to start uploading pics now. I took 250 or so so this will take a while. I’m sure I should give details and memories, but not this second.

I’m not sure how I feel about this whole “being busy” at work thing :D

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday night already. Lots to do with the boss gone this week, and I’ve been fairly productive except for those times when I have to upload multiple files to various offices and rip ISOs. Those are rather unproductive moments (cuz my PC dies a bit)…Though uploading files to Russia is going to take all week I think. hmmmph…Russia. I want to go to Russia.
Apparently I still would need a visa, and I suppose to get one I’d have to go to some embassy somewhere. I love embassies…Embassies are cool!

Flying to Frankfurt next Tuesday 😀 Getting excited for this…weird. It kind of feels like I’m going “home”.
…I’m practicing my “lawnmower” and my “crash n burn”…Neither of which I’ve busted out on Italy yet. Hopefully we can get the “lawnmower/crash n burn” in at some point 🙂


Last night I went to some sort of Australian sports pub?!? I guess that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s tiny, but I ordered a bagel sandwich. It was chicken lettuce tomato and “peanut sauce”. I read that and was imagining something like you find on a Thai pizza. A sort of sweet n spicy sauce. Sounds good right? I ate it and was trying to figure out what this strange taste was…and it’s PEANUT BUTTER!!!
It’s a little funny, but it actually didn’t taste half bad. I enjoyed it.

Apparently there’s a custom here where a soon to be bride goes out with friends and tries to sell “stuff”. I guess it’s to raise money and make her embarrassed. Last night there was one of those and I managed to invite myself to the wedding. I have a handwritten invitation with an address and time, and while I was gung ho to go last night I don’t think I will.

I couldn’t show up without a gift, and I don’t have a suit or anything, so oh well.

Weird how you don’t notice something until you notice it.

I noticed today that there really aren’t any overhead powerlines anywhere in Germany except on the streetcar tracks. I guess they’re all underground, cuz I have power most of the time.

Similar experience with freckles. I saw someone with freckles a few weeks ago and it dawned on me that I hadn’t noticed freckles on anyone else up to that point.

Midnight buffet and preview night at the english cinema

Last night was preview night at the English cinema. They don’t tell you what movie is playing, but it’s one that hasn’t been released here. I’ve never gone, but it was a full rowdy crowd (and no 20 minutes of commercials before it started). They showed Talladega nights with will ferrel. It was OK. There were a few laughs in it. Sacha Cohen was great in it as a Gay French NASCAR Driver.

Then after they have an all you can eat late night buffet at the Ozzie place. It’s only 4€ for salad and meatballs and rice and such. Pretty decent food for the price. Since I have tomorrow off I’ll probably go back tonight.

Today it’s pouring again, and most places are closed (reunification day – Viva la Deutschland), but they have an flea market in the Zeil. Lots of cool stuff, but pretty expensive I thought. They did have a candy booth where they were roasting nuts and making candy in a big tub. It smelled really good. They also had an outdoor meat grilling station. I went to Burger king instead

Movies and english papers

Wow, every entry has a different font. I should fix that.
I can’t believe it’s October already. It’s finally cooling off the last couple weeks. We did have a few days approaching 80F last week, but it’s cloudy now and I can start wearing sweatshirts.

They apparently serve a mcFalafel at McDonalds in Egypt. Thank you International Tribune.
English Newspapers are expensive here. There are about 5 from the U.K. and one that’s an international version of the NY Times (my favourite paper in the states), but the version here isn’t as good and costs more than twice as much. Oh well. I do have a newfound fondness for British papers. They’re not afraid to put down the people they’re writing about. It’s amusing. Bit more of a cross between gossip papers and impartial journalism.

I have 3 days off this week since I have 2.5 weeks to use before the end of December. By then I’ll have worked in this country for 5 months (Aug – Dec) and for that I get 13 days off. Did I mention that this country is great. actually tomorrow is Reunification Day. Strange that I can remember watching news when the wall was opened. That was a long time ago.

I went to Ikea last weekend. I mostly bought plants and vases. I just need some color for my walls. It’s all white in here.

In the last couple weeks I’ve seen “Thank you for Smoking”, “Parfum”, “Crank”, and “Miami Vice”. There’s an english cinema close by so a few weeks/months after a movie is released in the States they show up here. The selection now is obviously not that great, but it can only get better from here.
I do have to recommend “thank you for Smoking” and possibly Perfume (or is it Parfum). Not for everyone, but I’m still thinking about it after 2 weeks. Even if it seemed a little slow most of the time. It was interesting.
There was a mouse in the English theatre. It didn’t crawl on me though so I don’t really mind. It was probably just looking for popcorn on the floor.

uhhhhh. I guess I’m off to kill the next 3 days with shopping and drinking coffee.

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