Frankfurt, Hessen, Deutschland. My City!!! 2006-2009

This is from a friends blog. Partially sums up the city.

I’ve met a lot of interesting (and some weird) people in Frankfurt. There are so many expats here; it makes everything a lot more diverse and fun. Brits, Aussies, Koreans, Americans, French, Irish, etc. I don’t have one German friend here. The Koreans, with their small community, never willing to go beyond what they’re familiar with; all going to the same church, enjoying the same cuisine everyday (Korean of course), and thinking that by not speaking German, they’ve gained some independence from where they live and somehow succeeded in preserving their little “society.” The Aussies are the most fun of all, very open-minded, generous, friendly, laid back; always up for a good laugh and the only group of people where I would (for one of the few times in my life) have nothing negative to say. The French, whose unmistakable accent makes them somewhat acceptable; the only group of people that can make the phrase, “I have to go to a pharmacy to get some medicine for my runny nose and sore throat” sound SEXY!!! The Brits are quite funny with their football and beer and swearing, and their never-ending and obviously wrong theorization that they’re superior to the majority of expats living here. And of course, the quintessential Americans who are under the sorely mistaken impression that they’re superior to everyone in the world. The Americans, who never seem to notice that their rude, arrogant,bboisterous ways attracts negative attention. And no, “Bennigan’s” is not Irish and “Outback” isn’t Australian, there isn’t a Starbucks on EVERY corner, people are actually bilingual in Europe. And no, you aren’t Irish because you’re from Boston and your last name is McGowan (fucking plastic Paddys)  And if you were born in fucking Iowa, and you have an American passport, you don’t speak ANY German, you’re American… even if your last name is Metzger or Schneider. It’s really annoying to keep having to remind Americans about this, especially if you’re trying to be polite about it.

It’s been a great laugh. I’ve lost contact with some people that I used to know when I first moved here, which is unfortunate. But I am really having a good time. I guess what makes this city fun is that everyone is just stopping by here (as am I). They’re all on their way to a greater place, and Frankfurt is just a city where “they decided spontaneously to drop by.”

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Good pic of Frankfurt downtown.
If it isn’t super large click on the image and your browser should enlarge it. My flat is shown here if you know where to look.

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