I’m booked for Oktoberfest this year. Which is to say I’ve got a flight, but no accommodations. I’m the best traveller ever!
This will be my first Oktoberfest tho. Should be a fun weekend! Hopefully Pete and I can find some Mexican food there. I’m sure Pete knows where to go…

Thanks Piero for acknowledging my incredible musical taste today. It’s amazing a man of your advanced years sometimes has a valid opinion 😉

back from München.

I probably can’t remember all the things I should.

I took the overnight train from Florence to Munich. It cost more than either a car rental or flight, but I wanted to try the train. Theoretically it sounds great and I used to love taking the train to Seattle, but it was never an overnight train.
This was quite uncomfortable. I barely slept due to 5 adults 1 child, and 1 newborn sharing a room. It was really stuffy and no sort of cooling except opening the window (which the dad did everytime we had to stop in the night. I don’t think he slept either).
Anyways arrive at 6:30 am in Munich and nothing much to do until Eric arrives since it’s his hotel I’m staying in. I figured he would arrive about 7 or 8 PM, but it was actually 3-ish so that was a pleasant surprise.

As bad as the ride to there was it might have been worse coming back. There was a random train strike in Tuscany so it took waaay too long to get back. A lot of the regional trains were cancelled so I had to sort of make my own way back to Carrara. What a nightmare!

2,0: I know a thousand people with PHDs and bachelors that are dumber than you…
Not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but OK 🙂

I’ll probably update this later, but gotta run to the footy right now. I’ll also put up more pics later for Munich on it’s own page, but for now here’s a few…

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