Monkey with cling shots

2,0: Have you ever heard of blah blah blah?
me: no
2,0: that’s cuz you’re an unsuperior being.
this was at pub quiz and even though 2,0 invented the word unsuperior we still managed to win…Our team name ,,Monkies with slingshots”…the team name the quizmistress heard ,,Monkey with cling shots”…which might be funny in it’s own right…didn’t matter. Winner!!!

email thread…
saffa: Not even God knows what Squires means sometimes!!!!!!
kat: ya, but he spoke aramaic.
me: lalalalalalaayayayayayayayalalalalalalalalalalalalalyyiiiiiiiaiiaiiayayyaya
kat: squires, you have to put the predicate in the latter part of the compound sentence. almost grammatical well formed though. well done! 😉
see, i have to read in order to speak it. 😉

Kat’s bday

Uhhhh so it’s been a few years since I updated. I’m using a Deutsch keyboard so life is difficult at the moment.

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