I’m lately finding out that Germans who have conversations with me just don’t get me….I keep hearing stuff that people have said about me like “that joe guy is weird. He talked about the strangest things”.
I must admit I’m a little too gleeful about this. It’s nice to know that Germans think I’m eccentric. I’m OK with that.

How often do I get to use gleeful in a sentence? Tremendous…

The germans also apparently think I’m very unhealthy… bull, coffee, red bull, coffee…Pub food….beer….
everything in moderation….I think two red bulls in half an hour (on occasion) is not excessive…4 in a day is fine….

Two normal conversations from last week (a normal conversation is anything where clowns, midgets or deep hidden family secrets/issues don’t come up – and I must admit I do like to pry. I guess Germans think that’s weird of me).

Colleague who I haven’t seen in a few months (pointing to my head cuz I haven’t shaved in a month):
That is new
me: yeah I guess
colleague: it’s OK
me: it’s OK?
colleague: it’s OK.
me: ok
colleague: Tchuss…(bye)
me: tchuss

Me: I’m not a handsome man
AFRH: You’re not ugly
me: but I’m not handsome
AFRH: but you’re not ugly…

AFRH doesn’t read this right? if you figure out who you are please talk to Kat or Phong about the name…I still disagree, but I don’t know what you’re saying in deutsch…

Red makes an appearance

Today off…Elyars birthday was last night.

Down in the square it’s an accordian and stand up bass playing “It’s now or never”. Best rendition ever and I get a free seat on my balcony. It’s gotta be close to 20 degrees. Blue sky gorgeous. I love spring. I even cleaned my flat today. Mopped and everything.

LIfe is beautiful!!!

It must be spring break because there are loads of american kids running around. Brats!

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