Midnight buffet and preview night at the english cinema

Last night was preview night at the English cinema. They don’t tell you what movie is playing, but it’s one that hasn’t been released here. I’ve never gone, but it was a full rowdy crowd (and no 20 minutes of commercials before it started). They showed Talladega nights with will ferrel. It was OK. There were a few laughs in it. Sacha Cohen was great in it as a Gay French NASCAR Driver.

Then after they have an all you can eat late night buffet at the Ozzie place. It’s only 4€ for salad and meatballs and rice and such. Pretty decent food for the price. Since I have tomorrow off I’ll probably go back tonight.

Today it’s pouring again, and most places are closed (reunification day – Viva la Deutschland), but they have an flea market in the Zeil. Lots of cool stuff, but pretty expensive I thought. They did have a candy booth where they were roasting nuts and making candy in a big tub. It smelled really good. They also had an outdoor meat grilling station. I went to Burger king instead

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