you get on that horse, you gotta ride it!!!

So I’ve been thinking lately of the whole process of finding a new (to you) band and then attempting to describe that new band to like minded friends….As far as I can tell there are two schools of thought in describing a band…Either
A) Make up genre to describe the new band. i.e. “Hillbilly funk metal” (Primus) or “Preware calypso blues” (C.W. Stoneking).
B) Describe the influnces to make it sound like a perfect union of two completely unrelated bands. i.e.
They sound like the Reverend Horton Heat crossed with Wolfmother…

Now it’s entirely possible that you hate the Reverend Horton Heat and you hate Wolfmother, so you have to modify your description to meet your friends tastes (or suffer their confused looks), but it never ends up working correctly because the combos are usually unimaginable or unlikeable. Though the resulting band is probably better than the sum of it’s 2 parts (is this gestalt?)…

You can choose to take this to a further extreme…i.e.
Imagine if Hank Williams and Sublime had a baby, and at the same time the Pogues and Queens of the Stone Age had a baby and then the offspring of those two bands combined to have a baby…who had a crazy Nick Cave like uncle who influenced them as a child and then they grew up and….(you get the idea).

It still never ends up right and you just have to listen to a band to understand them…

So since neither of my formulas work you just have to take my word for it and listen to a band when I recommend them 😉

I better just go back to writing about midgets in wheelchairs…or the weather….or smoting….

…and so now the weather…It rains every night. I think it’s rained every day for about the past month. What kind of summer is this?

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