You are boring???

That’s gotta be one of the most insulting questions one can be asked…I’m pretty sure there was a question mark at the end based on inflection. She was either giving me a chance to defend myself or she meant ”You are bored?”.
I guess it was a fair question. I really haven’t done anything since going to Rome in December. That was two and a half months ago. Fair question indeed. Just to prove I’m not boring I might change my theme again. 🙂
Strange though…This week I have a dinner party tomorrow night, a concert on Friday, and another dinner at the Mexican restaurant on Saturday (still searching for good mexican food in Europe). Holy crap…three nights in a row might make my head go bang.  I’ll have to pace my socialism-ness over 3 nights. Not sure I’m capable anymore. Bit out of practice.

At least Cory Feldman is still alive eh? Guess those reunion movies are out the window…I guess they could still do ”Stand by me 2…STAND HARDER!!!” (btw partially filmed in Lebanon Oregon).

Perplexed by the weather this week. People in the states think the weathermen are wrong, but here it’s even less accurate. Microclimate indeed 🙂
I just wanted to tag “weather” (Matt’s mom: what’s a tag?).
I just wanted to tag Matt’s mom 😉

I’m finding I’m a bit reckless on the Vespa. Hopefully I will figure out how to ride it before I crash it 😀
This is epitomized by the fact that I have to look for the rear brake everytime I need to stop. I haven’t really memorized where it is yet…

Booked to Frankfurt for March 30th-April 12th. Should have cleared it with the boss first, but RyanAir (me: you suck RyanAir!) only had one seat left at their stupidly ridiculous price.

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