hey, two point OH!

@Eric! I was hanging out at the mailbox today pondering my lack of mail and then decided to look for names similar to mine on the other mailboxes. I was thinking maybe the mail person is illiterate…Turns out I found your letter in another box. The name on it was ABSOLUTELY nothing like mine, but hey…I noted one postbox with a bunch of junk mail in it. Took a closer look and there is your letter. I couldn’t fit my index finger in it, so I had to get some tweezers and do some minor surgery. I miraculously (I only use miraculously because MacGyver-Y isn’t really a word yet) retrieved the letter.

That letter box hadn’t been opened in a while I guess. Since the building is mostly used for vacation rentals there was noone home at that home (?). Otherwise I assume the rightful owner would have noted the poorly delivered letter and put it in my box…

anyways…I may have just admitted to a crime, but really Italy it’s your own damn fault. If you could deliver mail properly I wouldn’t have been forced into this life of crime. There are some other letters in the box, but I can’t tell if they’re intended for me or not…So I’ll just leave them until next summer when the owner of that flat comes for a visit.

…and thanks 2,0 😉

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