3 kings AGAIN!

So Wednesday I went back to dreikoenigskeller (3 kings cellar). There was a really cool French duo playing (Matt says French is slang for off key and out of tune – Matt is establishment).
matt doesn’t know what punk is cuz he’s establishment…..
I loved it.
i HATE Punk!!!
Friday night I also popped in cuz there was a 90 year old rockabilly/Western Swing guy playing. He was pretty good, but I only stayed for the first set, cuz I got dragged elsewhere.

Now Kat is in New York, and Matt is in the UK.
last night was pretty lonely cuz of that. I guess I’ll have to go watch some football or something so I don’t get lonely today.
The sun however is shining…no clouds in the sky. It’s a beautiful day in Deutschland!!!! Maybe I should go to the zoo…

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