I just nominated Saffa to replace father…

OK…not sure if I can recall everything important.
Last night…night of the museums……OP art is cool. I think I’ve only been to one real museum in my life before last night. Since as we all know.. museums in restaurants in Virginia city don’t count. Anything less than 5$ isn’t really a museum (arbitrary number).

I did bust open a German book today thanks to my favorite German teacher ;). Yes Doing a sport is now on my to do list….However it’s many many entries behind move to IncaLand.
Apparently drinking is a habit not a hobby….good grief!!!! So much pressure 🙂

David Lynch as artist rocks!!!!
maybe….wait…actually I don’t know what I saw so if anyone really cares please ask me later after I’ve had a chance to analyze what I saw.
David Lynch as artist sucks!!!

Respect to Saffa (Generic South African) for knowing who corky is….Since Jeff (dad) is leaving we are looking for a new dad to impart occasional wisdom on us…Saffa is the only decent candidate so far….

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