eating eel in Poland

Last night went to a castle/resort thing…It was about an hour bus ride and out in the country…beautiful location. Beautiful building…We were serenaded by some traditional polish musicians. The group drank a LOT of wine, followed by Polish Vodka (which I’m beginning to think is the real purpose of a “workshop”). So much wine in fact that people were singing on the bus on the trip back…and there was also some climbing into the luggage rack inside the bus (not involved).

anyways got to sit outside by myself and just listen to the birds singing…was kind of strange to be in such a peaceful place…I don’t think I’ve been so far from a city since I moved to Deutschland.
I said to one of the Polish guys that our hotel here is not really Poland, but the place last night felt like Poland, but in reality that was probably stupid because I don’t think too many people live in castles and wear traditional Polish clothes and sing…

Had eel for I think the first time ever…all the americans seemed disgusted by the thought of eating eel. I decided to try it (anything once…) and it actually wasn’t bad…I don’t think I’d ever order it cuz it was a bit strange, but I’ve had much worse food and I’m glad that’s another food I can take off my list…

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