Nobody puts baby in the corner…

3 weeks down. The sun finally came out today after a prolonged absence of about 3 days. It’s been thundering, lightning and raining every day.
The other day it actually was thundering for about 4 or 5 hours. That was a bit unusual to me. In Oregon it might thunder for 20 minutes or so, but this just kept coming. I guess it’s the mountains keeping the weather in (ooh microclimate).

Just had the realization today that many of the words with ‘ct’ in them can be easily translated – change the ‘c’ to ‘t’ and add
an italian sounding suffix (doctor is dottore, fact is facto, director is dirrettore, tractor is trattore). This in conjunction with the -ion words and a lot of the -ck words make my vocabulary expansive (is that expansivo?).
Also figured out that tepido is warm (tepid) while having a latte macchiato at one of the local coffee shops.
This is much easier than Deutsch…I just need to learn the basics (I, me, you, we, they) and some verbs (go, stop, eat, drink) and I’ll be in business….I go eat tractor.

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