“The tower…with the problem”

I made it to Pisa yesterday and hung about there for a few hours. I
found a used bookstore that had a few english books. Bought 3 for
10€ so that hopefully will keep me busy for a while. I started on
“the Spirit Wrestlers…and other survivors of the Russian
Century”. From a travel writer who visited the Cossacks and other
‘forgotten’ ethnic and social groups in Russia.

Made it to the tower and it was actually quite more impressive than
I expected. I’ve seen it from afar (train, plane and autostrada),
but upclose you can see it is REALLY leaning. Looks like it’s going
to tip over in a few hours…
I walked a bit much yesterday and now my knee hurts. I’m abiding
I wanted to watch some english footy, but the only place it was on
was in a “bet shop”. A legal sport booky bar thing. All the irish
pubs didn’t open til 7 or 7:30, and were advertising Seria A
(italian league) so I ended up coming back to Massa about 8PM and
just hung out at home watching a movie.

Nice day today. The weather is cooling and there was a bit of a
chill this morning…not a real chill, but an Italian chill I
suppose. I think it must’ve gotten down to 13 or 14°C…brrr 😉

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