shopping and weather…

Managed to find some more wintery type clothes. Got a hoody, long sleeve t shirt, socks and a pair of pants. Riding my bike home was a struggle as I had planned to buy a backpack at the store, but the backpacks they had were either hot pink or too small, so I bought a shoulder bag and put as much in it as I could and carried the rest in the plastic bag. Not so easy to ride a bike with a bag in your hand. I think last time I did that was when I broke Shauns bike because the picture frames got caught in the wheel 🙂
This entry just isn’t mundane enough. My weekends are obviously not exciting. Someone come entertain me.

…and this site is pretty good I think. At least for those of us working for learn italian:

Today was a gorgeous day. I’m going to love the winters here. I was talking with my boss (I have two people that I refer to as my boss – I’ll differentiate by referring to them  by their nationalities)…my german boss about the weather the other day and the weather here of late reminds me a bit of living in Coquille (near the coast on Southern Oregon). The best weather was always in the winter between storms. A winter storm would come through and for a couple days it would be clear and sometimes quite warm. I think it will be the same here, but the storms will not last as long (one day instead of 3), and the time between storms will hopefully be long. However it’s only October so I’m probably not qualified to make predictions like that (I’m the weatherman).

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