OMG! I found out the most amazing thing about octagons today!!!!

…not really, but it seems the whole world is searching for” Octagons”, or “octagons in nature”, or “what is shaped like an octagon”. They keep visiting my page because I mentioned how chinese checker boards and stop signs are shaped like octagons…seriously google. Do some editorializing and don’t have people searching for octagons come to this page…

I have an appointment with the Italian authorities next week. I’m supposed to bring 4 photos. Every single time I’m told to bring 4 photos they only use 1. so now I have to find 3 people in Italy to give my extra photos to…I have an idea. It’s going to be the 3 people in the office who sit closest to me. I think I’ll tape my photo to their monitors when they’re at lunch. This way they’ll know I’m always watching them, and they won’t leave annoying notes on my pc when I leave for a minute 🙂

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