For the Vespa owners…

Last night I think someone knocked over my Vespa. When I went out this morning to go for a ride there was a bit of gas and/or oil underneath it,  it was kind of at a slightly different angle than where I had parked it at. My first thought was that someone stole some gas or something, but there was still gas in it (less then there should have been).
I couldn’t get it started, but noticed when I tried to start it that there was lots of liquid coming out of the exhaust.
I left it for a few hours and went back. Thinking that if it had been tipped it might be flooded in some way (gas in the wrong place). Anyways went out a few hours later and got it started. Went for a ride and everything seems OK, but it’s running rougher.

After it did start I ended up with about a liter of gas and oil underneath it (as it was spitting out gunk for about 20 seconds after I started it…that’s not embarrassing at all 🙂

Anyways question for the Vespa owners (I guess that means Matteo and Piero). Does the oil and gas “unmix” when it’s not being run? I ask because there definitely seemed to be two consistencies (viscosities might be the better word) to the liquid coming out. Is that just oil from the gas tank or is it possible there is oil from another location (gear oil from transmission, crank case etc) that I need to check and refill?

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