hahn…bloody ryanair.

Tomorrow I travel Hahn. I hate hahn. Probably more than it deserves. It’s built up some kind of mythical anti-status in my head. It’s probably not as bad as I think it oughta be, but…I still hate you Hahn…and I hate you most of all RyanAir.

I hate having to pay for “priority boarding” because you have no assigned seats. I hate your little league airports. I hate being offered scratch tickets. I hate your baggage policy. I hate the way the stewardesses never have change when I order some crappy food or drink. I hate that people who fly RyanAir clap upon landing. I hate your bus service. I hate your low prices. I hate that I keep flying with you. You Jerks!
I hate that you’ve taken away any magic that was ever involved with flying…

It’s sort of like if O’reilleys had 2€ cheeseburgers or something…there would never have been a vow if O’reilleys had 2€ cheeseburgers.
I think O’reilleys is the only thing that will be open this Friday…
I haven’t had a cheeseburger in months…I want a cheeseburger.

I really like the kebap place at Hahn. mmmm kebaps in germania….mmmmmm. Jerks! Shiny red ball…

Check back tomorrow when I update to tell you how much I hate RyanAir…I’ll probably do that whilst waiting for the flight and while I’m on the stupid bus.

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