The written word

I bought 3 books when I was in München. Luckily the english book selection at Hugendubel is better than any airport I’ve been to (which is usually where I have to buy books). I’ve already finished one of the three books (The death of Bunny Monroe – Nick Cave). It was short n sweet. Kind of amusing.

Now I’ve started “The Wind-up Bird Chronicles” by Murakami. I think this is the 3rd or 4th book I’ve read by him. GREAT author. Probably my favourite author at the moment. He’s Japanese and the book is translated. Which is actually the second foreign language book (translated) I’ll read in the past few months.

Am possibly heading to London in October for a couple of friends wedding. geez! Haven’t been to London in ages. Prob my favourite city…probably my favourite cuz I’ve only ever gone as a tourist…not sure if I’d really want to live there tho.
London has size issues…

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