Pisa is not New York…

so last week when I was in Pisa I noticed that there is some music festival going on this weekend…The Skatalites are doing a show tomorrow night (early 60’s ska group), so I googled something about pisa concerts today and I see that Gogol Bordello are doing a show NEXT WEEK!!!!

This excites me to no end. I was trying to think of the last time I was this excited to see a band that I know and I figure it was either Frank Black or Modest Mouse in 2007…anyway I’m really psyched to go to their show next weekend (and I’ll probably make it down for the Skatalites tomorrow).

so I may have said this before but I only ever heard of Gogol Bordello after seeing “Everything is Illuminated”. It’s a great movie and it co-stars Eugene Hutz (who is the singer of the band). I may have to follow up by watching the movie again this weekend…coincidentally one of the three books I bought in Germany is another by Jonathan Saffron Foer, who is the author of Everything is illuminated….

anyways (x2) here’s a few clips of Gogol Bordello.
As usual mind the volume between clips…

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