Murakami again…what a prick!!!

I was in such a great mood when I came back to Italy today….I had visited the Hügenduble in ffm and bought a few books. 2 of the 3 I bought were by Murakami (my favourite author – Norwegian Wood)…Unfortunately after spending a couple hours reading his books I’m just in a bad mood now. His books are just too honest and realistic (and close to home). It made me sad 🙁

as a good book does… :)<

As I’m reading his books I find so many beautiful passages that I want to just reprint here…but then I can’t be bothered, because there’s too many passages that are SOOOOO good….what a prick!!! One person should not be able to write with that much quality…

If you’re reading this but you’ve never read Murakami, then please read him before you comment.
This is my advice to you…and if you haven’t read him then I wish you would…

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