I tried to use seldomly instead of occasionally last night…as in “I seldomly have a whiskey”. Instead of “I occasionally have a whiskey”. The whole premise of this entry was that I wasn’t sure if seldomly was a word…I see that WordPress is telling me that is it NOT…

So there you have it. Seldomly is NOT a word.
I’m glad we had this conversation!

I had Octopus twice on Thursday. In a soup at lunchtime and for dinner as well. I guess I’m sort of getting a taste for it. The Italians are fond of their seafood.

I think I felt a small earthquake tonight about 8:30. Just a small weird shaking…Noone in the street was screaming or anything, but I’ve been through a few small quakes. This is what it felt like.
Considering I’m about 1 meter above sea level I was hoping for a tsunami…alas…niente!

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