still being productive…

Got my Vespa insurance today. This means I can drive the Vespa as soon as the weekend. I have not driving anything two wheeled with a motor since I was about 10.
Let me rephrase that…I haven’t driving anything with two wheels and a motor for 25 years.

Any statement that starts with “I haven’t” and ends with ….”for 25 years…” Pretty much is a sign that you are an old fogey. It’s funny – there’s not a lot of sentences I can form that end in …”for 25 years”, but the list of things you can say that about only ever gets bigger. I’m pretty sure it’s not capable of shrinking.

I’m also pretty sure that I’ve completely lost my mojo…

…and my favourite opening line of a song I’ve heard in the last week:
“He was trapped in a haircut he no longer believed in”
Billy Bragg – King James Version

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