Ok today we turned into real tourists…walked the thames, saw the Tate Modern. Had another english breakfast because we can’t find a place called Belushis that one of the local crap vendors recommended…I kept trying to figure out how I knew the name Belushis….hmmmm….I think someone recommended it….hmmmm…Must’ve been Matt….oh well we didn’t find it….
plan was to go to rollins show which I thought started at 6:30…at least that’s what the ticket said…We roll up about 6:20 to find that it’s door opening at 6:30 YOU JERKS!!! You need to say that on the ticket don’t you…pricks…so we walk a bit and find a Belushis…I immediately open the door and said something like I don’t like this place… too loud and too many loud people…as we have time to kill we go in anyways…it’s Australia day…
At some point I recall that Matt had written something like “Belushis (avoid)”. If Matt indeed wrote that then I have a whole new respect for you mate…. 😉

Back to venue…Rollins comes on at 8 promptly…He was pretty good, but like many comedians/satirists who talk about politics his views on politics are often simplistic and half true…He was still funny and still worth seeing.

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