Didn’t finish the walking tour as laid out by Vikki so get up early and attempt to venture out again…
Walk around along Lester(or is it leceistiesietesisiter?) square. still trying to figure out british english…apparently there is still no D in later..pffftt
saw Aliens v Predator 2….I think I may have just paid about 40€ for the privilege of seeing this movie on a sunday afternoon….I am pretty sure I will be complaining about the cinema prices in Leicester square for the next 23 years…

sanne on Heath Ledger: He was with an olson twin…he deserves to die!!!!

Went back to the River for a bit…walked by the Tower of London…got to Vikkis and someone besides me made flamkuchen….T’was great…we played some word game and I think the two native english speakers probably came in last place…the rules were a bit open to interpretation so the game is just more about arguing 🙂

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