the RyanAir experience…

Landed in Italy. I know you’ve heard it before, but RyanAir sucks!!! My carry on bag was about 1kilo to heavy the lady next to the scale forced me out of the line…
Me: what can I do?
Ryanair lady: You can throw something away, wear something or check your bag. But that would be expensive for you.

I move outside the line and put about 6 things in my pocket, and hold a book in my hand. Weigh the bag again. It’s about .2kg heavy, but she lets me through. I put pocket stuff back in bag and move along.

Which allowed me to come up with the genius idea of charging by weight. If Ryan air is so concerned about weight above all else then how about weighing the passengers with thier bag? Set a weight limit per passenger and their bags combined. I guess the result is that fat people can take less luggage than thin people (if you had say a 150 kilo weight limit passenger/bag combined). Just think Ryanair…eventually fat people will stop flying your airline and you can then put 8 tiny seats per row instead of 6 on your 737’s. Then you’ll really be making money. And please do start charging to use the toilets. That is the best idea you’ve ever come up with!!!

J and I will be flying RyanAir again the end of May…yippee!!!

My favorite quote of the week:

Eric: Stephanie likes makeup. And I like it too. Cuz when she’s putting it on she shuts up!!!
Sorry I can’t make it to your wedding. I’ll get to the next one…j/k stephanie 😉

Probably no personal email the next two weeks.

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